Courtesy of BC Archives collections
Call Number F-00300
Ovide Allard
Born in Montreal, Canada, July 11, 1817
Joined the H.B. Co. Service in 1834
arrived at Fort Langley, BC, in 1839
Died at Fort Langley, BC, Aug. 4 1874
40 years in HBC Service
Research indicates he descends from a First Family of Québec but which of the Alard lines he descends from remains a mystery.*

The Hudson's Bay Company Archives has put biographical sheets for some of their employees online.  Though there is not yet one for Ovide, there is one for his son Jason, which can be found at:

     In a very convoluted way part of my family also goes back to Ovid ALLARD and T'seeyiya or Justine.

     A daughter, Lucy, married Kenneth MORRISON who together produced eight children.  One of these children was William MORRISON who married Janet Spalding WILKIE sister to my great grandfather Otway John James WILKIE who was married to Catherine the daughter of James TAYLOR and Catherine FALARDEAU.

Death Info:

Event Date: 1874 8 2 (Yr/Mo/Day)
Age: 58
Gender: Male
Event Place: LANGLEY
Reg. Number: 1874-09-074606
B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13087 GSU Microfilm Number: 1927115

For information on how to order a copy of Ovid's certificate of death, please see the information at the BC Archives Home Page at  Or you can go directly to the page that deals specifically with death records at


Courtesy BC Archives collections
Call Number B-02380

*Ovid was the son of J.O. Allard and a young lady whose maiden name was Chanteline, and our choices for Ovid's family line are:
1. Jacques ALARD, who arrived in Québec in 1621, and Tadoussac in 1624.  He was also known as Jacques HALARD, and Jacques ALLARD dit Labarre.
2. François ALARD, son of Jacques ALARD and Jacqueline FRÉROT.  François married Jeanne ANGUILLE on 1 Nov 1671 in Québec.
3. Julien ALARD, who settled at Château-Richer and married Marie Deligny
4. Julien ALARD, who  married Marie MERCIER, was also known as Julien HALARD and Julien ALLARD dit Labarre.  Possibly brother or son to Jacques.
5. Pierre ALARD, son of Pierre ALARD and Mathurine VERDON.  Pierre married Anne DE LA VOYE (22 Nov 1683 at Ste-Anne), Marthe DE LUGRÉ (9 Nov 1690), and Marie-Marguerite PINEL (29 Aug 1700 at Ste. Anne).
6. Bertrand ALARD, who married Marie COUTARD 28 Feb 1699 at St Nicolas.  Bertrand was also known as Bertrand LART.
7. Simon ALARD, son of Emery ALARD and Julienne BAYOUX.  Simon married Catherine LACOMBE 12 Jan 1705, at Point aux Trembles, Montréal
8. Jean ALARD dit Barrière, sergent with the Desnoyelles Company, son of René ALARD and Marie NORMINDIN.  Jean married Thérèse PAYET 24 May 1745
9. Jean ALARD, who married Angélique GELINEAU sometime between 1765 and 1767.
10. Pierre Alard, son of Pierre ALARD and Catherine BRUNO.  Pierre married Félicite COMEAU on 8 Jan 1770 in Sorel

The above comes from a 7 volume reference work called by many genealogists The Tanguay.  Its full title is: DICTIONNAIRE GÉNÉALOGIQUE des FAMILLES CANADIENNES depuis la fondation de la colonie jusqu'a nos jours, compiled by L'Abbé Cyprien Tanguay, and published in Quebec by Eusèbe Senécal, in 1871. The Tanguay covers marriages, baptisms, and deaths in New France from about 1608 through at least the mid-1700s, and can be found on microfiche in most family history centres and public library genealogy departments, or can be purchased on CD.  It should be noted that any info from the Tanguay should be checked against other genealogical resources for that time period.

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