Jean Baptiste Brulez

From Gerry Borden

Brulez was responsible for the big fire at the fort on April 11, 1840.  He may have been the blacksmith at the time and either did not bank the fire properly or failed to put it out.

From Laurel Katernick

Jean Baptiste Brule fits in my tree.  He was married to a woman named Margaret.  Their son, Joseph Thomas Brule was married to Mary Ann Marshelle.  After Joseph Thomas Brule's death in 1858 Mary Ann married Jean Baptiste Vautrin, who is brother to Francis Xavier Vautrin.  Francis Xavier Vautrin worked at Fort Langley.  Although Joseph Thomas went by the last name of Brule, I do believe his father was really Jacques Iroquois.  Jacques Iroquois was his mother's second husband after Jean Baptiste Brule.


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Jean Baptiste Brulez

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