William Cromarty

The Hudson's Bay Company Archives has put biographical sheets for some of their employees online.  One for William Cromarty can be found at:


William Cromarty
born c.17 May 1814 S Ronaldsay, Orkney, Scotland
married about 1846 to country wife Salum'mia aka Jenny of Matsqui
died 1875, Ft. Langley


Elizabeth-- b. 26 Feb 1847, Ft. Langley
 md. Henry Dawson, 26 May 1866
died 25 Feb.1883, Maple Ridge
William-- b. 23 Feb 1848, Ft. Langley
md. Lucie of Cheam, Mission City
bur. Popcum Cem.
Ann-- c. 20 Jul 1851, Ft. Langley
James-- b. 23 Apr 1853, Ft. Langley
md. Annie Cliton, 29 Jun 1883 at Matsqui
d. 28 Apr 1936
bur. Ft. Langley Cem.
David-- b. 16 Sep 1855,Ft. Langley
d. Jan 1884
Mary-- b. 6 Mar 1858, Ft. Langley
md Joseph Robson Hairsine, 19 Mar 1881 Langley
d. 30 Dec 1889
bur. Ruskin,B.C.
Samuel Ephraim-- b. 20 July 1869 Ft. Langley
md. Caroline Augusta Garner, 28 Feb.1893, New Westminster Dist.
d.13 June 1923, Dawson City Yukon Terr.

Family information is being sought on Orkneymen who served with the Hudson's Bay Company west of the Rockies to 1858. Can you help?

A biographical dictionary of fur trade and exploration west of the Rockies (from California to Alaska) is being compiled. Since the major fur trading company for this Pacific slopes area was the Hudson's Bay Company and many HBC servants came from Orkney, family information is being sought on the Orcadians who once served in the Company west of the Rockies up to 1858.  Respondents with information are asked to please contact:

Bruce M. Watson
208-1949 Beach Avenue
Vancouver, B. C.,
V6G 1Z2
tel: [604] 684-6786
fax: [604] 871-7100

For more information please see: http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/sct/OKI/canada.html

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