Journal of the Voyage of the party destined to form an Establishment at the Entrance of Fraser's River; and of their Proceedings and other Occurrences at Fort Langley, the whole commencing with the 27th June 1827 and carried up to the 16th February 1828.

The persons appointed twenty five in number were:

     James MacMILLAN, Esq. in charge
     Donald MANSON  clerk
     Francois Noel ANNANCE clerk
     George BARNSTON clerk
     Amable ARQUOITTE clerk
     James BAKER Orkneyman
     Louis BOISVERT Canadian
     Oliver BOUCHARD Canadian
     Pierre CHARLES  Abenaquois Indian
     COMO Sandwich Islander
     Joseph CORNOYER Canadian
     Jean Bte. DUBOIS Canadian
     Jean Bte. ETTUE Canadian
     Dominque FARON Canadian
     John KENNEDY Irishman
     Anawiskum alias MacDONALD York Factory Indian
     PEOPEOH Sandwich Islander
     Antoine PIERRAULT Canadian Half Breed
     Jacques PIERRAULT Canadian
     Francois PIETTE dit FANIANT Canadian
     Simon PLOMONDEAU  Canadian
     Louis SATAKARATA dit RABASKA  Iroquois
     Laurent SAUVE dit LaPLANTE Canadian
     Francois Xavier TARIHONGA Iroquois
     Abraham VINCENT Canadian
Source for above list: The Fort Langley Journals, edited by Morag MacLachlan
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