Francis Heron

Francis HERON, (1794-1840), fur trader, was born in Donegal, Ireland, in 1794 and was a brother of James Heron. He entered the service of the H.B.C. in 1812, and in 1814 was the steward at York Factory. From 1815-18, he was at Fort Cumberland; from 1818-21, at Fort Edmonton; from 1821-22, at Fort Cumberland; from 1822-23 on the South Branch expedition; from 1823-24 in the Mackenzie River district; from 1824-28, at Fort Garry; from 1828-29 at Brandon House; from 1829-35, at Fort Coleville in the Columbia district; and from 1835-1839 he was in Europe on furlough. He was promoted to the rank of chief trader in 1828; and he retired from the company's service in 1839. He died in April 1840.

James HERON, (1812-1857) was a native of Rathmelon, County Donegal, Ireland, and was a brother of Francis Heron. He entered the service of the H.B.C. in 1812; and was first stationed in the Winnipeg district. In 1815 he deserted to the N.W.C., because of "bad treatment"; and in 1817 Ross Cox met him at Fort Alexander. From 1821-27 he was on the Churchill river, and from 1828-31 at Fort Chipewyan. In 1832, however, he was discharged from the company's service, and he retired to Canada. He settled at what came to be known as Heron's Isle, in the parish of St. Martin, Lower Canada; but the date of his death is unknown. he was still living in 1857. He married Fanny, the eldest daughter of George KEITH; and she died on Heron's Isle on December 30, 1850.

source: The Macmillan Dictionary of Canadian Biographies, edited by W. Stewart Wallace, third edition.

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