John Kennedy

According to a footnote in The Fort Langley Journals, John was from Sligo, Ireland, and died at Fort Langley.

    The Journal entry for April 1830, kept by Archibald McDonald, reads:

    "Saturday 17th. About 3 oclock this afternoon poor Kennedy departed this world, and Certainly Sooner than his Strength & illness indicated -- the day being fine he walked the Gallery for the benefit of purer air and then descended to the kitchen, where he Conversed in the usual way with me previous to my going out to the Garden when I had Some work in hand, but was not many minutes there when the Cook ran to me to Say that he was choacking -- the only expression he was able to utter after I entered was "Am Done" and was perfectly lifeless in another minute."

    "Sunday 18th. Very fine day -- Had the poor deceased decently burried in the afternoon -- Afterwards took Inventory of his little effects which were not great, and disposed of them for the benefit of his woman in conformance with his own desire."

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