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Donald Manson

The Hudson's Bay Company Archives has put biographical sheets for some of their employees online.  One for Donald Manson can be found at:

According to his footnote in The Fort Langley Journals, Donald (1796-1880) was:

  • born in Thurso, Scotland

  • joined the Hudson's Bay Company in 1817

  • arrived at Fort Vancouver in late 1825

  • left Fort Langley with Governor Simpson in October 1828

  • took Felicité Lucier as his wife

  • one of his sons, John Donald, married Aurelia, daughter of J.M. Yale

  • was in charge of Fort Simpson from 1831 -31

  • constructed Fort McLoughlin in 1843-4

  • was in charge of Kamloops in 1841

  • was in charge of a post on the Stikine in 1843-44

  • was in charge of Fort St James in 1844-57

  • retired from Fort St James to a farm in the Willamette Valley.

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Donald MANSON (born 1798), fur trader, was born in Thurso, Caithness, Scotland, in 1798; and entered the service of the H.B.C. in 1817. He was employed at first in the English River district and on the South Saskatchewan; but in 1827 he was transferred to the Columbia district, and he remained on the western side of the Rocky mountains until his retirement in 1858. He was promoted to the rank of chief trader in 1837, and from 1844-57 he was in charge of the New Caledonia district, with headquarters at Stuart Lake. The date of his death has not been ascertained.

source: The Macmillan Dictionary of Canadian Biographies, edited by W. Stewart Wallace, third edition.

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