Simon Bonaparte Plamondon
Simon Bonaparte Plamondon, Sr.

The Hudson's Bay Company Archives has put biographical sheets for some of their employees online.  One for Simon Plamondon can be found at:

From Shawna Sicilia:

When Shawna's uncle, Leonard Leroy Hammers of Centralia, Washington, passed away many years ago, she inherited his genealogy research.  In this information it lists Jean-Baptiste Plamondon and Catherine Gill as Simon's parents.  Shawna emailed a woman named Tammy Sturza, and not only did Tammy had the same info about Simon's parents, but she was able to add that they both drowned when Simon was 10 years old.

Thank you, Shawna, thank you, Tammy, and thank you Leonard L. Hammers.

Shawna descends from Simon through his daughter Angélique and son-in-law Simon Gill, and their daughter Amelia Angeline Gill.


From the Fort Langley Journals, 1827-30, by Morag Maclachlan

Simon was from Sorel, Québec, and retired in the Cowlitz Valley in what is now Washington state.

From Yvonne Dolbec

Simon Plamondon, from St-François-du-Lac (parish near Yamaska, Quebec)

Where are these places . . .?

Modern day Sorel, Québec -- center of map below -- is on the St Lawrence River about 50 miles/80 kilometers northeast of Montréal (lower left) and about 40 miles/64 kilometers southwest of Trois-Rivières (upper right).

The St Lawrence is the river running diagonally through both maps.

The Montréal, Sorel, Trois-Rivières area of Québec, Canada

St.-François-du-Lac is just northeast of Sorel and just a short jog up the road from Yamaska St-Michel.

Sorel, Québec

From Simon's 5th great grandson, Michael J. Hubbs . . .

Simon Bonaparte Plamondon is my 4th Gr.Grandfather.  Dominique Farron is my 4th Gr.Grandfather.  Oliver Bouchard is a cousin.  Also although I can't prove it yet, I believe I also descend through Anawiskum McDonald; my Great Great Grandmother is Esther McDonald, who was born near Victoria.  Chief Sca-ne-wa is my 5th great grandfather and was present at Fort Langley at the same time as the original 25.  The direct line of descent looks like this, starting with Simon:

1. Simon Bonaparte PLAMONDON, Senior1, son of Unknown PLAMONDON and Catherine GILL, and first wife Thas-e-muth, aka Veronica Scanewa, daughter of Sca-ne-wa, Chief of the Lower Cowlitz.

2. Simon Bonaparte PLAMONDON, Junior2, son of Simon PLAMONDON Sr. and Thasemuth, married Mary FARRON, daughter of Dominique FARRON and Josephte of the Makah Nation.

3. Daniel A PLAMONDON, son of Simon PLAMONDON Jr and Mary FARRON, married Mary Esther McDONALD

4. Mary Josephine PLAMONDON, daughter of Daniel PLAMONDON and Mary Esther McDONALD, married Eugene David COTTENOIR

5. Sadie Josephine COTTENOIR, daughter of Eugene COTTENOIR and Mary Josephine PLAMONDON, married Herman Frederick RHODES

[1] Simon Sr had 4 wives: Thas-e-muth aka Veronica, 4 children; Emelie Marie FINLAY BERCIER, widow of Pierre BERCIER and daughter of Francis FINLAY and Josephte of the Cree, 5 children; Henriette, 2 children, and finally common-law-wife Kitty TILIKISH, one child.  Of the 12 children known, 10 had descendants.  Of the other two, one is known by name only and sometimes listed as male and/or female. The other child had no offspring.

[2]Simon Jr's sister, Mary Theresa Plamondon married Oliver David BOUCHARD, the son of Olivier BOUCHARD. Another of SImon Jr's sisters, Angélique, married Simon GILL, Jr, son of HBC employee Simon GILL, Sr. and 1st wife Marie Aghelis.  When Marie Aghelis died, circa 1848, Simon GILL, Sr remarried to Marie PEPIN (aka Marie MAILLÉ), daughter of Etienne PEPIN.

From Jill Edwards

Anyone looking for information about Simon Plamondon and his many offspring might like to take a look at as his name, and those of several children are mentioned throughout the document . . .

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However, if you send Michael J. Hubbs an email, he said, and I quote:

"Tell people that I would be more than willing to assist with information on Simon Bonaparte Plamondon Sr.  I have gathered quite a bit more since 2001."

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Simon Bonaparte Plamondon, Sr. Michael J. Hubbs

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