Pierre Renaud

     In July of 1856, at Fort Langley, and after the publication of bans, Pierre Renaud, son of Jean Baptiste Renaud and Marie Valade of Montral, and Cecile a Pelaltoch woman, were married by Father Lootens.  The witnesses were Augustion Willing and Narcisse Falardeau.  All members of the wedding party signed with Xs except Augustin.

source: old parish records at St Andrews Cathedral in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

     The clue to Pierre's identity as Pierre Urno comes from the HBC biography on Etienne Pepin, in which it says, and we quote:

"[...]By 1858 the children noted in 1841 were adults, but at least one infant, Simon, was still living with Pepin and Isabelle.  Pierre "Renaud" (Urno on H.B.C. lists) was Simon's godfather, and Willing and Fallerdeau witnessed Pepin's wedding.  It would seem that Pepin's affiliations were more with his Catholic countrymen than with his professional colleagues; Urno was only a low-ranking mid-man."

source: Fort Langley: An Overview of the Operations of A Diversified Fur Trade Post 1848 to 1858 and The Physical Context in 1858 by Jamie Morton, Microfiche Report Series 340.

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