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François Noel Annance aka Francis Annance aka Noel Annance and wives a Flathead woman, and Marie Nagazoa
Amable Arquette and wife Marguerite Chinook
Oliver Bouchard and the unknown mother of son Oliver David Bouchard
Bazil Brosseau aka Basile Brousseau and wives Marie Amable Jodoin, a Kawitchan woman, Rose Kwantlen, and Marianne Nanaimok
Pierre Charles and wife Louise Tlalum
William Cromarty and wife Salum'mia
Louis Delonie and wife Elizabeth of the Kwothe and wife Marie of the Cowlitz
Jean Baptiste Dubois
Narcisse Falardeau and wife Tlhepartenate aka Helen/Elen

François Piette dit Faniant aka F. Faniant dit Pritte aka François Fagnant

Gavin Hamilton, and wife Margaret Julia Ogden
James McMillan, and wives Josette Beleisle, Marie Letendre, Kilakotah, and Eleanor McKinley
Donald Manson and wife Felicite Lucier

Henry Newsham Peers

Louis Peltier
Peeohpeeoh aka Pion Pion aka Pio Bean and wife Catherine Kwantlen
Etienne Pepin aka Etienne Maillé aka Etienne Magice and wives a woman of the Mascoyennes [Maskagonné] and Isabelle Kwantlen

William Henry Newton and wife Emmaline Jane Tod

Antoine Pierrault
Jacques Pierrault
Simon Bonaparte Plamondon Sr. and wives Thas-e-muth aka Veronica Scanewah, Emilie Marie Finlay Bercier, Henriette, and Kitty Tilikish.
James Taylor and wives Catherine Falardeau and Barbara Jamieson
Francois Xavier Vautrin and wives Emile Kwoithe and Marie of the Cowlitz
Robert Wavicarea
John Work/Wark and wife Suzettte/Josette Legace
James Murray Yale and his Kwantlen wife


Please Note

The names that appear in italics are the men who were with the twenty-five man founding party who left Fort Vancouver on 27 June 1827.

The names of the Native wives are presented as they were recorded; their surnames reflect the name of the band or tribe from which they came.


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