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James Murray Yale


     From Many Tender Ties: Women in Fur Trade Society1 by Sylvia Van Kirk, there's only a brief mention of James on page 143, but on page 266, footnote 71 it says:

"While in charge of Fort George, the clerk James Murray Yale formed a liaison with a daughter of Talphe, although she had previously been purchased by a Carrier man Tzee-aze.  Tzee-aze continued to carry on a clandestine relationship with this woman while she was living with Yale, a fact which was discovered by the interpreter Joseph Beignoit during Yale's absence from the fort.  Beignoit's threat to inform Yale of this affair apparently provoked Tzee-aze and an accomplice to murder the interpreter and another servant to ensure their silence, see HBCA B.119/a/1, fos. 59, 67, and B.119/b/1, 77.

     Then in Morag Maclachlan's Fort Langley Journals, 1827-302 there's a footnote on James' name on page 80, leads to the paragraph on page 251, n 29 that says:

"James Murray Yale joined the Hudson's Bay Company in 1815, serving at various posts.  After the amalgamation he was sent to New Caledonia, where he remained until 1827.  After serving as a clerk under Archibald McDonald, he was put in charge of Fort Langley when McDonald left.  He remained there  until 1859, when he retired to Victoria.  For a biography, see Rich 1939:473-4; Lamb 1972:719-20; and Williams 1975:230.

Rich is: E. E. Rich, editor.  Simpson's 1828 Journey to the Columbia.  London: Champlain Society for the Hudson's Bay Record Society 10.

Lamb is: W. Kaye Lamb.  Entry for James Murray Yale in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, vol 10, pages 719 and 720.  Toronto: University of Toronto Press

Williams is: Glyndwr Williams, editor.  1975.  Hudson's Bay Miscellany, 1670-1870.  Winnipeg: Hudson's Bay Record Society 30.

     And on page 85 it says:

"Thursday, 13th [Nov 1828].  The Quaitline Chief Nicamuns and his brother Came in with 20 skins Small & large -- which they traded for Blankets -- these, being the principal Indians of the neighbourhood & who at all exert themselves to Collect Beaver, we have thought it good Policy in Mr. Yale to form a Connection in that family -- and accordingly he has now the Chief's daughter after making them all liberal presents -- In addition to which with the view in increasing their Stock of goods to barter with the distant Tribes we have given them two Blankets & a Couple of Traps for a fine large Canoe of theirs we Stand in need of to enter little rivers with in preference to a Boat or a Bark Canoe -- Before we begin the Fort 'tis necessary to Secure the remainder of our potatoes -- got in 35 Barrels more to day.  Thick Cloudy weather."

1. ISBN 0-8061-1847-4
ISBN 0-7748-0665-6

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James Murray Yale
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